The Reality Of The Middle Ages Essay

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Early 17th century was a time of religious value. Religion was the focal point at the time of the Protestants and Catholics, undergoing much contention. “Its first half of the 17th century is marked by the wars of religion between Protestants and Catholics, especially the Thirty Years War, which raged within Germany or, as it was then called, The Holy Roman Empire from 1618 to 1648. More than a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics, it was also a power struggle within and between kingdoms".( Even with the wars going on, the people of France were still united religiously despite all conflicts. "This ideal dated back to memories of the Carolingian Empire and further back to Rome. This ideal was never a reality. The reality of the Middle Ages was based on feudalism and manorialism. Europe was divided politically into many locally governed principalities, free cities, duchies, and feudal kingdoms; but it was united religiously."( However the people of France had no idea the religious shift they were about to experience with their "Sun King" in charge there was new ideas arising. “The second half of the century was dominated by Louis XIV of France. The Sun King’s effort to dominate Europe failed but he succeeded in crushing the Protestant Huguenots and consolidated absolutism in France. But, perhaps most importantly, the seventeenth century marked the beginning of an intellectual revolution. It marked the birth of modern ideas…

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