The Reality Of The Health Care Industry Essay

783 Words Feb 24th, 2016 4 Pages
The reality of the health care industry is that it works and operates as a business. With a strategic marketing strategy coupled with high patient care satisfaction, these businesses will prosper if certain internal are met. Operating a large entity such as a health care organization also demands innovative and up to date care, recruiting and retaining high quality staff and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has a vision for success. In the following discussion, three business principles will be addressed that are essential to maintaining safety and patient-centered care that makes a health care institution financially stable and how these concepts apply to my current facility. The first principle of business in sustaining longevity in any health care organization is determining what your niche is, then focus on that particular area that will set you apart from the rest of the contenders (Fisher, 2008). In terms of succeeding in the health care industry, a facility needs to have up to date, innovative care. For instance, I work for OhioHealth and it has spent a lot of time, money and research on establishing a reputation for stroke care and intervention. Last year, OhioHealth finished building a neuroscience tower dedicated to the treatment of stroke patients coming into its Riverside facility. There are two other hospitals located within miles apart of one another, therefore Riverside Hospital focuses on its innovative stroke interventions. What sets it apart from…

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