The Reality Of Self Identity Essay

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There is no self-identity in Brave New World. There is no chance for an individual identity to be created due to the lack of self worth. This dystopian society is hyper focused on what a person can contribute to the community. This contribution translates into a Caste system with Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons. Each caste is assigned to a particular part of society, being conditioned to be the best they can be at their role in test tubes before they are even born. Self-identity is also compromised by the fact that the government makes each caste genetically identical using something they call the Bokanovsky Process. Furthermore, when a person is even slightly different from the rest after his process, they are exiled from society and sent to isolation. The lack of physical individual identity translates into the nonexistent ambition of the individual. Even destiny is shared throughout the community, another plan of the government. The Director tells his students that people like their social destiny because they are conditioned to (Huxley 16). The scarce individuality leads to the main issue with Huxley’s dystopian society: no one in the community believes in the purpose to life aside from the gratification of their own needs. This loss of purpose and instant gratification that is developed in this society rids the community of one of life’s most important aspects: inconvenience.
The same level of want for instant gratification is seen in the musical Pippin.…

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