The Reality Of Science Fiction Essay

2231 Words May 11th, 2016 9 Pages
Science Fiction has been a hopeful prediction of both accomplish utopias and disastrous-dystopias. From the first televised interracial kiss, to a matriarchal society, the sci-fi genre has been dependent upon pushing the societal box a little bit more than we are used to. Unfortunately, since its creation by Mary Shelley in 1818, minorities and general equality have fallen behind, and the thought of a utopia, forgotten.
Sometimes, simple steps can kickstart a new beginning for entire movements. The ignition of this genre could be influenced by writing stories that show that the actions we encourage today, impact the consequences of the future. Though this seems difficult, this idea is just a slight step aside from what most science fiction writers do today; while they mostly use climate change, war, and media consumption - in a world that is currently politically charged with different social injustices and discrimination their inspiration would be endless and informative. Many older sci-fi stories have included this into their own works by elevating the status of a certain race or gender. But the problem rests in today: that this progress has slowed down.
In 1977, during the filming of the infamous Star Wars (dir. George Lucas), Carrie Fisher was told by the director that underwear did not exist in space, and thus was later forced to wear an overtly sexualized bikini (Fisher). So begs the question is the sexism in science fiction getting better from forty years ago? Well,…

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