The Reality Of Reality Tv Essay

1003 Words Mar 9th, 2016 null Page
In the past twenty years, TV has become a new phenomenon. Sitcoms, Movies, Cooking, News, and more are what everyone seems to be watching. In the past decade a new genre of TV has come about, called Reality TV. It is like no other genre of television. Reality TV shows are a way of relieving yourself from your own life to enter someone else 's. Some are filled with luxurious houses that you could only dream of, some are filled with a more trashy, embarrassing families that we laugh at. No matter what genre of Reality TV you watch, there is some form of escapism from your boring day. As I interviewed a few different students at RHS I came to a conclusion that most people watch Reality TV whether they know it or not. Student, Becca Westbrook stated she does watch Reality TV. The show she watches consist of: The Voice, Say Yes to the Dress, Shark Tank and 19 Kids and Counting . When asked, “Why do you watch Reality TV”? She replied with, “I find it very funny and also ridiculous. When I get home from school after a long day it is really nice to relax and watch “normal” families go about their day. ” Becca made the comment that Reality TV has become noticeably scripted in the past couple of years. According to Reader’s Digest, Reality TV does not follow a script but the producers twist and recreate the plot, cropping lines in that were filmed at another time to make it a whole new story. Although it is called Reality TV it is not so real at all. The producers and actors do a…

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