The Reality Of Reality Television Essay

2582 Words May 4th, 2016 11 Pages
Reality television is apart of everyday life and not everyone realizes that they 're apart of it somehow. It is a colorful picture on how it affects our world and the people we are. It’s almost like society is on a television show because all the actions that everyone does is almost the same. For example, everyone in society that is white always make stereotypes about blacks and how whites think they are dangerous or violent. Without reality television, it would be hard to really feel how society should act in order to fix our world to become indestructible. Imagine a world without having shows that tell “real” stories about a person that is suffering with a disease like cancer. Reality TV shows real situations and how it affects not just everyone but also the person that is going through a tough time. While some people feel that airing reality shows display that doing something bad can cause a popular show and show that that’s okay, research shows that shows can influence and an audience in strong ways. Reality TV shows like “16 and Pregnant” should be aired because it pays actors for being in show’s, influences teens, and it raises awareness on issues that are serious so they can become more important to society. Those who oppose that reality television shows shouldn’t be aired, worry that actors suffer from poverty. Challengers claim that teenagers that get pregnant at a young age don’t finish school causing them to have a lack of education and that increases the risk…

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