The Reality Of Reality Television Essay

1099 Words Dec 1st, 2016 5 Pages
Experts over at Google define reality television to be the television programs in which real people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative. For years the reality TV industry has been lucrative and popular amongst people all over the world. Some may deem it to be just pure entertainment, some may believe it 's scripted. Either way, it 's imperative to look at the content that is actually being put out there by reality television. Not only does it promote negative images and stereotypes, it exploits the lives of individuals for financial gain. Viewers often overlook this negative portrayal and focus on the entertainment aspect which can be detrimental to society. When evaluating the effects that reality television has on society it is critical to look at the history of this type of entertainment. “An American Family” a show documenting the lives of the Loud family was the birth of reality television. Series like these immediately gained popularity with the general public because it addressed issues that were parallel to real life. The drama of aspect of the show is the key factor to keeping the audience engaged. In fact, without drama there would be no reality television industry. To amp up the interest in the show, characters must play into stereotypes. Groups that are the most portrayed stereotypes amongst reality television are African Americans, Caucasians (specifically females), and Italians. African Americans are one of the…

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