Essay about The Reality Of Reality And Reality

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A world was in turmoil, in confusion, in disarray. The sick littered the streets and the dead rotted on the pavement. For most, to join them was a blessing. Plunged into a world of horror they had lost their sanity. We were looking at a horror movie in first person, a dystopian novel where no-one could think. The veil between imagination and reality had been removed from our minds and the body could not live without the mind. Imagination, we realised was not never ours to control. And the remote to the film had been given to Lucifer, and he was not happy. Everything that happened within our minds, was happening around us. Fear itself was in the brain, and it had escaped from its chains. “Just because something is happening in your head, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.” A while ago that quote would have been laughed at. Now, if anyone was sane enough to read it, it would not be a laughing matter. It all started with a dream, a dream that turned into a nightmare; a nightmare that became reality, or what was left of it. And this dream, it will begin 74 years ago.
A cyber-attack had been launched this year: 2090, a year in which technology had never been more complex. Our aim: it was to pull down the government. The reasons: they were unquestionably simple. The government was corrupt, psychopaths were running loose, and people, they wanted more. Tensions were running high and the government was getting ever more power hungry. A war would be inevitable, and we would rather sooner…

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