The Reality Of Hypnosis, By Franz Mesmer Essay

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The Benefits of Hypotherapy When an individual hears the word “hypnosis,” they might immediately associate the term with television portrayals of grown men being forced to dance or pretend to be chickens. Countless television portrayals of hypnosis have misconstrued the facts concerning hypnosis, and have served to stigmatize the term in the mainstream media and scientific community. On the contrary, hypnotherapy is practiced by highly trained professionals who do not seek control over subjects, but instead to provide patients with real therapeutic healing. The first breakthrough for hypnosis arrived in the 18th century from research conducted by Franz Mesmer, and is thought to be first time that hypnosis became grounded in actual science (“History of Hypnosis”). Although a solid amount of research has showed hypnosis to have potentially strong healing properties, the treatment is quite underrated in the 21st century. The reality of hypnosis is that it is a scientific field of study, and has been thoroughly documented to provide physical, mental, and emotional healing for patients. Hypnosis is, in fact, a highly scientific and researched process that can enable real healing. During a hypnosis session, a trained hypnotist will guide the patient into a highly relaxed state of mind. While in a hypnotized state, the human mind becomes more focused and more open to positive suggestion. Furthermore, the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure will drop while hypnotized, and…

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