The Reality Of Homelessness And Our Paradise By Phil Collins Essay

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The Reality of Homelessness and Our “Paradise” of Ignorance For this assignment and for the paper, I chose the song “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins. I decided to complete my paper on this song, because, Phil Collin’s music has always been on my list of top favorite music hits from the 1980’s. After listening to the lyrics, the social problem that is referred to in this song is homelessness. The lyrics that indicate that this is the social problem addressed are, “Sir, can you help me? It’s cold and I’ve nowhere to sleep. Is there somewhere you can tell me?” (Collins 1). After completing various researches on the background of this song, I discovered that Phil Collins wrote the lyrics after a visit to Washington D.C. in which he was astounded at the plethora of homeless people living in boxes on the streets (Songfacts 1). This song was written following his visit, based on how he felt as he saw many homeless people being overlooked and seriously mistreated.
The lyrics of “Another Day in Paradise” illustrate a scene in which a man, most likely wearing very nice clothes and sporting a financially stable mindset, is walking down the street. As he is walking, he comes across a woman that is homeless. As he walks past the woman, she looks at him and begins to ask him to help her. Like most situations similar to this that take place today, the man heard, but did not even acknowledge her. The song not only refers to the homeless woman’s begging, but also describes as the…

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