Essay on The Reality Of Gender Stereotypes

1058 Words Nov 17th, 2015 null Page
It is time, at last to speak the truth about gender stereotypes, and the truth is this: gender stereotypes have been around us for a long time now. However, many people do not realize that gender stereotypes have a great impact on kids in America. In today’s day and age, kids are stuck indoors for most of their lives often watching television shows. Therefore, children will be greatly influenced by the images and messages portrayed on television shows. The real problem starts when these kids grow up to adulthood. Since children can easily be deceived by new materials, they will adapt to the certain lifestyles similar to the ones portrayed on television shows. For example, babies would normally wear white clothes because it is easier to be bleached. However, as children get influenced by the images portrayed on television shows, they soon find out that girls would wear pink clothes, while boys would wear blue clothes, just so they could differentiate their sex or gender. Although the words sex and gender are generally utilized reciprocally, however numerous language specialists would claim that their utilization is entirely particular. Sex alludes to the organic and physiological qualities, while sexual orientation alludes to practices, parts, desires, and exercises in the public eye. ‘Totally Spies’ is one of the many television shows that kids watch nowadays. The animated television series focuses on three teenage girls who live in Beverly Hills, California, United States,…

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