The Reality Of Family Life Essay

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Simpler times, simpler minds, and unified visions of family life is what the 1950’s sitcoms brought to television viewers all throughout America. Situation comedies similar to Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy, and Ozzie and Harriet set the stage for how nuclear families were supposed to perform and live life on a daily basis. The issues with the sitcoms that were presented at this time were controlled and were not allowed to relay real world issues and portrayed a superficial vision of a family unit. Leave it to Beaver in particular presented a flawless husband known to many as Ward Cleaver. Ward was a white collared businessman and the bread-winner of the family. Ward, was the ruler maker, as were most men in the 1950’s sitcoms. Not only did Ward make all of the money in the house hold, he typically solved all of the innocent and predictable issues that would arise in the perfect, white picket fence, flawless family. Although the 1950’s sitcoms attempted to convey what American families should strive for to succeed at marriage and parenting, they left out real world issues that real people come up against with conformity and unrealistic gender roles. The harsh truth is that the sitcoms set the stage for unrealistic hopes of a perfect family and lifestyle. During the 1950’s era one of the top priorities for young adults was to get married and start a family. Along with tying the knot at the young median age of twenty-two years of age, women also bared children at an early…

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