The Reality Of American Schools Essay

1539 Words Nov 10th, 2015 7 Pages
Harvey Dan-Ere
Professor Maureen Dolan
PAX 200
November 10, 2015
The reality of American Schools.
In the past, several groups of people have been looked down on and are even hurt by another group that believes they are absolute. In the United States of America, the African American groups have been seen down on by the white groups. There has existed segregation amongst these two groups for decades of years. This conflict has resulted in many problems faced by the African-Americans such as poverty and discrimination. Also, one of these problems is the education for them. In the past, many white people felt that schools should be separated by color. This paper focuses on American schools and how segregation exists, identifying the effect and describing some possible ways in which segregation in schools can be reduced in the society. The landmark laws such as Brown v. Broad of Education did not completely end segregation.
What does it mean?
Before I develop this paper, I think it is important to know what it means for a school to be segregated. Racial segregation can be said to be the restriction of certain areas of residence or to separate institution, for example, schools and facilities, on the basis of skin color. This practice is present in our environment today, majority school in American are being separated from people of color. From the past, the percentage of Black Americans registered in schools in the late nineteenth century was about thirty percent,…

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