Essay about The Reality Of America 's Obesity Problem

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The reality of america’s obesity problem is processed food. Processed food is filled with fats, sugars, and preservatives all things that are clinically bad for health. A hamburger can be made with 200 calories easily using lean beef and grilling it, but when companies use salt to preserve it and add fats and sugars to improve taste it 's hard to do that. Michael Hobbes writes a good article, “Why Is Processed Food So Bad for You?” that highlights key points showing what processed food is doing to this country. Processed food and corporate companies are the main cause behind america 's obesity, from the preservatives to corporate competition it’s a serious problem. One of the issues is the preservatives used to keep the food good. These preservatives are usually salt and it does increase shelf life, but salt isn’t very healthy and lots of it can lead to serious health issues. This might be a evil thing but it is kind of a necessarily evil. To be able to market food to people it needs to have a long shelf life and the only way to do that is to add preservatives. So, although high sodium does create health risks there 's not a lot of options to store it for long time periods. This being said they’re healthy ways to do other things in the food industry. Fats and sugars are the main cause of obesity. This is something that could be cut down extremely for consumers. Actually, corporate companies have tried to cut down in the past but capitalism saw this fail. When companies…

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