The Real World Super Hero Essay

794 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
In comic books, Superwoman is a well-known super hero. She has super speed, strength, and was one of the first female heroes. Unfortunately, in the real world, having super powers is unfortunately impossible. In my opinion, a real-world super hero is a mother. Webster’s Dictionary defines a mother simply as: “a female parent.” But in all honesty, being a mother is much more than that and is an endless job. A woman must be nurturing, full of energy, brave and strong, to be a great successful mother. A mother needs to have a nurturing side to her, because she plays the roles of a caregiver and best friend in a child’s life. Children are going to get cuts and bruises throughout their lives and also get sick. It is a mother who nurses these wounds and wipes away their child’s tears. She has an endless supply of band aides and kisses to fix the “boo-boos”. Whenever a child feels bad and gets ill, only a mother can sooth and comfort them. It can be very heart-breaking to see your child sick, so a great mother uses her intuition and google to nurse the child back to health to the best of her abilities. Between the horrible smelling diapers and vomit, the all-nighters, and constant worry, this is probably the least-favorable part of being a mother. To a child, their mother is their first friend and forever friend. Even when children are adults, most of the time they still go to their mother when they are upset, scared, or need advice. Children are only innocent for so long before…

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