Essay on The Real Voyage Of Discovery

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There is a quote by Marcel Proust where he states that “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. I’d like to begin this project by using this as a point of reference for my analysis of a journal entry of scientific advancement. The reason I chose this particular quote is because it is very fitting for how some scientific discoveries come to be, especially when statistics are involved. Statistics have allowed for correlations to be made and for scientists and doctors to find causes to some effects. This is particularly true when it comes to the article I have decided to analyze. The article in question being is titled, Could a Few Extra Pounds Help You Live Longer? This article written by Christine Gorman proses the question, as its title reads, can having a few extra pounds help extend your lifespan. The research done in this piece and the evidence it provides, draws a correlation between body mass and the possibility that it may in fact allow for protection against diseases and other ailments. The possibilities of what these findings could do for human life is a serious point of intrigue and the benefits that it may incur would be welcomed by the world twice over. This article (and its research), just like the quote previously referenced by Marcel Proust, uses a new way of looking at something (in this case the body and health) to provide new discovery. What this proposed discovery can do for the world is something that…

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