The Real Tragic Hero Of Julius Caesar Essay

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Nichols the real tragic hero of Julius Caesar

The author of Julius Caesar is the great honorable William Shakespeare. Brutus, is an honorable man who was trying to keep Rome how it was when his ancestor Junius Brutus got rid of all of the rulers. The idea of a tragic hero is someone who usually comes from noble birth who suffers a catastrophe. Shakespeare uses the traditional ideas, but he also put a spin of his tragic hero’s. Shakespearean tragic hero’s included complexity, letting us see the inner turmoil of the character, the choices the character makes instead of fate, and the difference between the reasons for committing the crime and the outcome. Brutus is the real tragic hero of Julius Caesar.. First I will talk about who noble Brutus ancestor is. A tragic hero is one who is from noble birth. Marcus Brutus is from noble birth, so that is one way Shakespeare’s methods of being a tragic hero. Noble Brutus ancestor is Junius Brutus. The first reason why Brutus ancestor Junius Brutus is important, because he got rid of all of the kings in Rome. The second reason is he was the first one to established a democracy that Marcus Brutus is trying to keep. A good quote to show this is “Brutus-your ancestor- would have let the devil himself reign his Roman Republic before he let a king rule” (I.ii.160-163). This quote shows how important it is to keep the democracy to Brutus. Next I will talk about the catastrophe that Brutus suffered.
Another aspect of being a tragic…

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