The Real-Time Reflection On Sahara Dental

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Raed AlQahtani
Real-Time Reflecting: Sahara Dental
1. How is the internship experience consistent with your academic knowledge and coursework?
The internship experience may not be entirely consistent with my personal academic skills and knowledge as I am training academically as a software engineer however, this is a dental facility. Nevertheless, it’s to be noted that the kind of work that I was hired or performed did indeed give me a practical approach to what I was learning academically to be applied at the internship, given my specific responsibilities. I was hired in order to deal with the technical or IT related aspects at the dental centre hence, able to apply my concepts and academic coursework such as including to manage information
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I was also able to help develop skills related to programming such as C programming and communication of data. Within the field of networking I was able to learn about network security and the basic aspects upon which networking is based upon which suggest knowledge gained relating to encryption and decryption. All these skills have allowed me to grasp the practically of the internship in a more professional level. These skills have also helped me in distinguishing myself from internees of other degrees or who have earned a different set of skills. They allow me to compete better and help me feel more proud at what I’ve learnt.

3. How did your knowledge gained from your coursework help you organize, understand, and make sense of the internship experience? The coursework and the knowledge that I’ve acquired academically has shown me numerous things and the majority of them have profited me amid this internship for instance networking. Networking amongst other concepts have been extremely useful including the different layers of network through TCP/IP protocol that I’ve managed to learn about. Other concepts such as my insight into Advance concept helped me provide a different approach on the coding framework, Linux. Therefore, at the internship it is no surprise that I was fully able to benefit from my knowledge as I was able to practically apply it
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Considering my interpersonal or communication skills I didn’t expect myself to be good at presenting and being able to address a lot of people. Personally being a shy and reserved individual it pleasantly surprised me that I was able to not only present quite well but also I enjoyed it. I was given the opportunity to present each week my progress to my supervisors and not only it got better with time but I also became much more at ease with the atmosphere and with though around me.
7. Which areas do you want to focus on improving before the end of the internship experience?
Before I end this internship I really hope to not only take away the great experience from working with such a hardworking team of Sahara dental but I also hope to improve my communication and social skills. Despite, becoming much better at presenting I hope to now become much better at understanding others emotionally especially, when working in a team and I hope that the work that was being achieved in a specific amount of time could be achieved in a more shorter time as I become more comfortable with my environment and specialize my jobs and duties.
Performance Ready/Problem Solving: Ability to analyze problems, formulate solutions, and deliver functional products and services to required

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