Essay on The Real Problem Of Teen Pregnancy

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The Real Problem of Teen Pregnancy in New Orleans In the past decade, people have been more oblivious to teen pregnancy. They act as if teen pregnancy is normal. This is very hard to accept by others, because the scene of a young girl or a young boy desperately pleading to get an opportunity to undo the "mistake" they have made upon themselves and their future. This is completely opposite of how people choose to carelessly accept the truth of how teen pregnancy affects others nationally, and most importantly, locally. First and foremost, teen pregnancy in the U.S., especially in the city of New Orleans, is one of the main factors that is a major discouragement to teens who are academically driven and highly capable of having a successful future. With that being said, this problem may cause students to drop out of school or give up any passion that are important to them. Additionally, this leads to the education system being in jeopardy because there won’t be enough students in school. This shows that many teens tend to experience the reality of teen pregnancy not because of what they did to themselves, but because of what others did not do to teach and prevent teens from being cautions about the choices they make that leads them to experience the reality of teen pregnancy. New Orleans needs a way to decrease the teen pregnancy rate because it leads to social stress, less education, and a negative stigma on the city’s image. There are many factors that are currently…

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