The Real Meaning Of Easter Essay

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The Real Meaning of Easter
Jesus Is Alive
Narrator, Easter Bunny, Jesus, Mary, Two Guards, Simon, Nary Magdalene, and an Angel

Narrator: (Enters and greets children) “Hello everyone. I am so glad you all are here tonight, because I want to talk about someone very special and He is the real meaning of Easter.”
Easter Bunny: (Hops in carrying an Easter Basket)
Narrator: “Hello Mr. Bunny. Who are you and what are you doing here?”
Easter Bunny: “Oh, Come on Lady, everybody knows who I am. I’m the famous Easter Bunny!” (Hops around giving out eggs filled with candy to the kids)
Narrator: “OK, OK! Easter Bunny or whoever you are. Why are you doing here?”
Easter Bunny: (Chews on a carrot as he talks) “Well, I just heard you say that you will be talking about someone very special, and no one is more special to kids than me, The Easter Bunny. I am the true meaning of Easter. Yep, that’s me alright, and (Struts/hops around) I do love to hear people talk about me.”
Narrator: “No, No, No, Easter Bunny. You’ve got it all wrong. Tonight I am not talking about you, but about a very great and special man named Jesus.”
Easter Bunny: “Who? (Shakes his head and waves his paws) No, I’ve got this covered. Easter is all about me. (Bunny struts and hops around) I don’t know who this person called Jesus is, but no one is more special at Easter time than me.”
Narrator: “I’m sorry, but this story is not about you, but you may stay and listen to our story, if…

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