Essay on The Real Life Mba By Jack And Suzy Welch

1230 Words Oct 20th, 2016 5 Pages
The Real-Life MBA Within the book, The Real-Life MBA by Jack and Suzy Welch, there are a great number of takeaways that can be used within the business world, whatever sector that may be. Within the ski industry these same principles of business apply. Being invested within the ski industry for the greater portion of my life I was able to apply much of the advice provided within the book to my career. Core structuring and investments are critical steps in creating a lasting successful business and throughout this paper I will highlight a few points that I found to be very useful. The first point is called, “eyes wide open” within the book (pg. 45). This discusses how a new vision or outlook of the company can really help the business propel and advance within its sector. The book suggests the best way to get fresh eyes on a team is to hire new employees. Even if you have a strong base of experienced employees who have been with you since day one, it is best for the company to make room for a new employee with a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes this newly hired person will cause a need of job change, at this point it is important for the manager to think carefully as to where the more experienced employee should be repositioned to allow for the new comer to succeed, but also get the most value out of each employee. Often times, the more experienced employee, with much more industry knowledge will be offered a new position that may involve traveling to meetings. By putting a…

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