Essay The Real King Of Kings

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The Real King of Kings
Percy Bysshe Shelley was a great English romantic writer. Shelley was born to a normal household, in this time period, he was the oldest of seven and seemed to be very different from his peers. Growing up Shelly was bullied horribly, this caused him to retreat to his imagination and is most likely the reason he is such a great writer. As years go by Shelly entered University College, Oxford, but after a few months, a dean demanded that Shelley visit his office. Shelley and his friend Thomas Jefferson Hogg had co-authored a pamphlet titled The Necessity of Atheism. Its premise shocked and appalled the faculty (“…The mind cannot believe in the existence of a God.”), and the university demanded that both boys either acknowledge or deny authorship. Shelley did neither and was expelled (Editors). Now known for his lyrical and long-form verse, Percy Bysshe Shelley is one of the most highly regarded English Romantic poets of the 19th century. Shelley has published numerous amounts of great poetry including Loves Philosophy, Ode to the West Wind, and the main focus "Ozymandias”. Ozymandias is one of American literatures finest sonnets, many believe Ozymandias is about the arrival of the statue of Ramses II to a beautiful museum in England, despite Shelley’s religious beliefs the two have a lot in common. Shelley made this work a masterpiece by using his great imagination to set up the setting, tone and its hidden meaning.
The author begins the poem by letting…

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