Character Analysis Of Hector In The Iliad

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In The Iliad written by Homer about Greek myth, Hector is a Trojan prince who keeps his commitment and never afraid of death in the war because he believes fate. He loves his family as much as himself. His wife wants him to stay with family, but nonetheless the reason why he still goes to the war is because he thinks it is ashamed if he does not join the war and hide behind Trojans by fear of death. In John Krakauer’s book Where Men Win Glory, real life famous football player Pat Tillman also loves his family as Hector does. He had everything people desire of, but he gave up his perfect rich life and left family behind just to join the war. He realized that fame is not important as much as saving people’s life and fight for his own country. The real hero is Hector and …show more content…
Even if people make promise it is difficult to carry out the promise, especially in front of death. Although, Hector is a brave man unlike coward and selfish Paris. When Paris tried to escape from single combat with Menelaus to take away Helen legitimately from Menelaus, Hector disappointed at Paris, “Trojans must be timid men. If not, for all the evil things you’ve done by now you’d wear a garment made of stones” (Homer 3.29). Hector thinks if he does not do single combat he is timid men, because Paris already made promise with Menelaus about single combat, but he is trying to escape from it. Hector believes once men decided to do something he should carry out the promise, which shows heroic characteristic. The nonfiction character Pat Tillman was also famous football player like as Hector is famous as a soldier and loves family more than himself. Although, he “[...] appreciate just how shallow and insignificant my role is. I’m not longer satisfied with the path I’ve been following… it’s no longer important” (Pat Tillman). He suddenly realized that fame is useless compare to people’s life. Even though, he loves his family, he leaves one’s family and joined the war to save

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