The Real Energy Revolution Shrinking Carbon Dioxide Emissions

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With his op-ed piece “The Real Energy Revolution Shrinking Carbon Dioxide Emissions? It’s Fracking” published in the Seattle Times in July of 2014, sought after writer and public speaker, Robert Bryce, enter the ever-heated debate about globate climate change. Bryce, who is a senior member of the Center for Energy Policy and the Environment at the Manhattan Institute (a conservative think-tank) and who has been writing about energy for two decades, argues that natural gas and nuclear power are the “only viable alternatives to coal and oil”. This op-ed piece by Bryce shows his continued criticism of “green energy” that he is known for. Bryce opens up his op-ed piece by stating the fact that the United States is “second only to China” (510) in carbon dioxide emissions and that for the rest of the world it is “easy to bash” (510) the United States for that. Bryce immediately follows that fact by stating that it is “easy to overlook” (510) that the United States is actually “leading the world” (510) in reducing its carbon dioxide emissions. Bryce points out that this innovative reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is not coming from “green energy”, but from the oil and gas sector’s ability to produce hydrocarbons that come from shale deposits as a result of fracking, a controversial method of energy harvesting. Bryce continues to use facts and credible sources throughout his op-ed piece to support his claim that natural gas is one of only two viable alternatives to coal and…

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