Essay on The Real Eatate Market

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Today the real estate business is one of the fastest growing businesses in Bangladesh and it plays an important role in the Bangladeshi economy. This research paper focuses on the marketing system of the real estate business in Bangladesh. Presently Bangladesh is a developing and also over populated country. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. This city is very important for everything because everything is based on this city. For that reason this city is densely populated. From 1985 the concept of living in a flat has been
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So here in this research paper will be evaluate some true marketing system of real estate business in Bangladesh. However “marketing starts with human needs and wants. People need food, air, water, clothing, and shelter to survive. Beyond this, people have a strong desire for recreation, education, and other services. They have strong preference for particular versions and brands of basic goods services”. Kotler, P.(1998).

Chapter 3: Methodology
In this research my specific and investigating area is real estate business in Bangladesh. This research is totally literature based; in addition it will evaluate the marketing system of real estate business in Bangladesh. To make this research valid and reliable, I am trying to show the true marketing system in Bangladesh.

It was difficult to find specific books in this area. This research would have been better if there had been time to do empirical research. It would have been appropriate to use questioners and interviews with the people who are working in the real estate business. This research could have also been more presentable if the questioners and interviews involved a large sample of real estate business in Bangladesh. However there was not too much time or resources to do this.

This research paper hopes to show what kinds of marketing system the real estate companies are using in their business and what is their

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