The Real Cost Of College Analysis

Imagine a country where their culture has a negative outlook on going to college. Children are debating whether education is worth having for their future. College is seen as a necessity in America, but is priced as a luxury investment. In 1978, a student who worked a minimum wage summer job could afford to pay a year’s full tuition at the four-year public university of their choice. United States does not want their future to be filled with engineers, doctors, and scientist. Thirty years of warnings have not been realized that American students ' low performance on international tests threatens U.S. economic growth. American culture has started to discourage potential college students, by student debt, jobless rate, and famous entrepreneurs’ …show more content…
The media portrays college as a waste of money. According to, “The Real Cost of College,” Tracey Randinelli writes, “Most people have an inflated perception of how much college costs. One reason, says Irvin Bodofsky, director of financial aid at the State University of New York 's Upstate Medical University, is that all those ‘college-costs-will-break-your-bank’ stories in the media tend to focus on the country 's highest-priced schools” (Randinelli 8). The media will mostly take private intuitions prices and scare potential college students from taking loans to pay for their education. Money is the major factor for the cost of education. High school graduates, people wanting to go back to school, young children are hearing these lies about tuitions prices. America media should not tell these lies about college prices. Articles, news, and magazines are emphasizing the price of tuition, yet are no one is helping decrease it. Congressmen and Legislation are not helping the future generation. Why do the Congressmen not care if they hear people suffering from money problems because they are trying to get educated? The Legislation should change tuition price soon, or else this country will suffer. It will suffer from their society not being educated enough to make better decisions. The headlines in every article about how college is not worth the investment is not true. Community colleges, scholarships, and funding are the only hope for most potential college. As the price of tuition continues to increase at institutions of higher education across the nation, many scholars are considering a transition to community college once they gain their high school diploma. Community colleges are more affordable then four-year institutions. Scholarships are free money. For many people applying to university, scholarships are the only to attend their dream school. Students do not have to

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