The Reader, By Bernard Schlink Essay

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In Bernard Schlink 's novel, The Reader, the story centers around a middle-aged women named Hanna, who is at trial for being part of the SS unit at the Nazi 's concentration camp in Auschwitz. She is accused of allowing 300 Jewish women to parish while being stuck in a burning church. During her trial it becomes apparent that Hanna is illiterate and can 't defend herself properly. She is embarrassed at the fact that she is illiterate and does not want to let anyone know of her inability. This story helps bring back memories too when I was in 1st grade and had trouble reading. Remembering the fact that all my classmates could read perfectly and were a head of me made me feel very embarrassed and inferior. This story reflects not just on myself but on many people who embarrassed to admit their flaws as well. The story starts out with a 15 year old boy named Michael who is coming from school. He becomes very ill but is then assisted by a middle-aged women named Hanna. The two shortly begin a sexual relationship with one another. Soon Michael is off to law school and attends a trial in which Hanna is being accused of being an SS guard at the Nazi 's Auschwitz concentration camp. During the trial in becomes apparent that Hanna is illiterate and can 't really read what the actual claims against her are. She doesn 't seem to want to admit her illiteracy because she is too embarrassed. Hanna is hurting herself more than she is helping herself because admitting her illiteracy…

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