Essay about The Reaction of Iron Nails with a Copper Solution

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Section Assignment 3.4 Part F – The Reaction of Iron Nails with a Copper Solution
The experiment in this activity involves the reaction between a copper (II) chloride solution with iron nails and the mole ratios involved in the reaction. Measurements are taken to determine the moles of each reactant involved in the reaction and thus the number of atoms or molecules involved.
Apparatus and Materials:
Refer to the reaction of iron nails with a copper solution assignment in Module 3, Section assignment 3.4 Part F of the Chemistry 11 course.
I was unable to do this experiment because I do not have access to an appropriate facility that is designed for chemistry experiments, appropriate safety equipment, or a qualified
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2) Place the solid wastes in the container provided by the instructor. 3) Wash your hands thoroughly.
The nails became coated with a copper coloured substance as the reaction progresses. The solution changes from bright blue to a lighter blue colour.
Results and Questions:

1. 113.02 - 105.52 = 7.50 g 2. 3.82 g - 3.04 g = 0.78 g 3. 0.78 g Fe x moles Fe/55.8 grams Fe = 0.01 moles 4. 106.41 g - 105.52 g = 0.89 grams 5. 0.89 g Cu x moles Cu/63.5 grams Cu = 0.01 moles 6. 1:1 7. 0.01 moles Fe • 6.02 x 1023 = 6.02 x 1021 atoms of Fe
0.01 moles Cu • 6.02 x 1023 = 6.02 x 1021 atoms of Cu 8. CuCl2 is blue but the Cu is colourless. 9. CuCl2 + Fe Cu + FeCl2 10. 100. grams Fe x moles Fe/ 55.8 grams Fe x 1 mole Cu/ 1 mole Fe = 1.79 moles
1.79 • 6.02 x 1023 = 1.08 atoms
1.79 moles Cu x 63.5 grams Cu/moles Cu = 114 grams Cu(s)
Conclusions and Discussions:
When you place a steel (iron) nail in a CuCl2 solution, the iron first displaces the copper and forms FeCl2, because iron is more reactive than copper. If you leave the FeCl2 out (it is a clear solution, with a slightly green tint) in contact with air, it slowly oxidizes to form FeCl3 (a yellow-orange solution). Of course, the colors could be mixed up, as no nail is pure iron. You will get impurities ranging from carbon (if it's a steel nail) to magnesium to

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