Essay about The Ray Lewis Murder: A Report

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At around 4 a.m. on January 31st outside of an Atlanta nightclub where a post Super Bowl party was winding down, an argument broke out between two groups. The altercation escalated from verbal to physical when one man struck another over the head with a champagne bottle. The actions to take place in the following chaotic moments were fast and furious, and it seems no two eyewitnesses saw the same thing. What is conclusive about the outcome is that a limousine sped away, gunshots were fired at it, and Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar died from multiple stab wounds. If convicted along with his two friends, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens will go from three-time All-Pro to lifetime inmate.
Lewis reportedly said in his hotel room after
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USA Today ran two stories focusing on the victim's families. "What would I say to Ray Lewis?" The soft words accentuate the rage that still consumes a grandmother of one of those who was knifed. "Why did you participate in the thrill-killing of my grandson?"
This is a prime example of the Marxist thought and Social Conflict Theory where those who deserve the most severe sanctions usually receive lenient punishments while those whose relatively minor crimes are committed out of economic necessity.
Public perceptions about criminal justice are often formed on the basis of what happens in a few celebrated cases that receive widespread media attention. Some involve wealthy clients who can afford to be represented by high-powered attorneys and who can hire the best experts to convince the jury that their client is innocent. Although the criminal court system is founded on the concept of equality before the law, poor and wealthy citizens receive unquestionably different treatment when they are accused of crimes.

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