The Raven By Edgar Allen Poe Essays

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In Edgar Allen Poe 's novel, Mesmeric Revelation, he once said, "Never to suffer would never to have been blessed." After gaining knowledge of Poe 's abominable past, it is incoherent(1) as to why Poe saw himself to have been blessed; His past was not blithe(2), but full of grief and agony. One could conclude that perhaps his past is what enabled him to become such a proficient(3) writer by including prior experiences. In Poe 's story, The Raven, it is clear that he incorporates his past full of grief into his stories, even while using people who do not make a strong appearance in the plot.
A common theme in Poe 's works is grief. Grief is the reaction to death or a loss of someone or something one cherished. Grief typically develops when one is finding a way of adjusting to life without the person or thing that they lost and being incredulous(4) to the fact; It does not have to happen right after the loss. The body, mind, emotions, and spirit are affected during this time. Natural symptoms of grief include anger, sadness, hope, changes in sleep patterns, tense muscles, and trouble in relaxing. It has been shown that surrounding one 's self with other people can expedite(5) the healing process and remind them that they are not alone(Lyness). Poe himself experienced a plethora of grief that seemed to be interminable(6).
Edgar Allen Poe was born to two parents, Eliza and David Poe, who both enjoyed theater. They first gave birth to their son Henry, second was Edgar, then…

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