The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe Essays

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Edgar Allan Poe, was a person of great uniqueness, for his life was a great obstacle with many up and downs. With one of those Great achievements was his narrative poem, “The Raven”; Published in January 1845. That clearly shows his well known writing style of a dark metaphysical vision, musical rhythm of his poems, and style in a metrical language. As well, Poe writing clearly reflects on his extraordinary life that show his true meaning of his work and why his, work is looked upon to, by so many.
Edger Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1807 and died on October 7, 1849; he was a very well known; writer, poet, and critic. Poe was in born in Boston, Massachusetts, a seconded son of David Poe, Jr, and of Elizabeth Arnold that was both Actors. Poe soon became an orphaned with his siblings, after the father deserted the family and the mother died at age 24; both Poe and the sister were separated. Afterward a Richmond family, The Allans, adopted Poe (Kenneth Slivermen). The family was wealthy, due to their merchandising firm and real estate. With Poe being trained in commercial affairs, at the age of six he accompanied the Allans to London, where the family opens a branch of prospering house’s. As well, Poe was forced to attend a rigorous education at a boarding school, in his accounts, Poe remembered a lonely and unhappy experience there, according to Silverman. The Allans returned to the Americas in July
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1820, due to there fail business, where Poe continues to his…

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