The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe Essay examples

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1. Writer 's Background:
Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, critic, and editor who specialized in poetry and short stories. He began writing poetry at a very young age to let out his feelings. Edgar Allan Poe lived a very depressed/hard/short life, dealing with the death of his family members, wife, and developing alcoholism. Poe was born into a hard life filled with sadness and disappointment. He was born in Boston, but soon after he was born, both his mother and father died. He was raised as a foster child in Richmond, Virginia. Edgar did his education in boarding schools and then attended the University of Virginia. Edgar had to drop out of school because he couldn 't pay his debt. At the beginning of his literary career he married his cousin, Virginia Clemm. He worked for several magazines and joined the staff of the New York Mirror newspaper in 1844. During this time Poe was battling with his drinking problem. After the Mirror published his poem “The Raven” in January 1845, Poe became nationally and internationally famous. Poe invented the format for the detective story as we know it today. Despite the fame from his writings he was never really happy because of his drinking and because of the deaths of several of his loved ones, including his wife in 1847. It is believed that all of the heavy drinking was the cause of his death on October 7, 1849.

2. The Writer 's other works:
Edgar Allan Poe wrote many short stories that were similar to “The Premature…

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