The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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“Nevermore,” the famous word that directly connects you to a famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe. The Raven is a literary work that has gone down the ages as being a timeless classic Poem that transcends the sense as you dive into this sinister tale. Edgar had a life of hardships that he proved to come out the greater writer writing many poems and stories that are mysterious and prevalent today. The Raven was written in 1845 close to the time his wife at the time Virginia Clemm was being treated for tuberculosis. The raven has many displaced factors that make it seem like Edgar is truly referencing his life throughout the work. The poem takes you through many different feelings as you dwell on the meanings the text could have. This work was closely related to his current life and the feelings he was having towards his wife.
Edgar was born 1809 in Boston and his life was always followed with death and despair and no matter how far he tried to run from it, it always caught up. His father abandoned him when he was just a year old but his mother died one year after that from tuberculosis. He was two when both his parents were gone. Poe then when to be raised by John Allen who was merchant in Virginia. The family who never truly adopted Edgar though they still make him family by giving his true name Edgar Allen Poe. John Allen was one of his caretakers and when Edgar was thirteen he became a prolific poet but his works were tossed aside by John because he wanted Edgar to follow in the…

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