The Rationalization Of Rape Culture Essay

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Rationalization of Rape Culture
Why do many women feel unsafe alone with men? Perhaps it is because over 85% of violent crimes in the U.S. are committed by men. Or because 99% of rape is committed by men (Katz 21). Decades of media and popular culture that encourage power and dominance as the traits of truly actualized men, and, conversely, submissiveness as the trait of women, have come with a price. Oftentimes, in cases of rape or abuse, the victim is blamed, and the male perpetrator 's actions are rationalized with arguments carrying sentiments like "boys will be boys." This environment, called rape culture, has become normalized. After all, if power and dominance are what truly define a man, what could he have done wrong? Rape culture needs to stop, because it presents women as submissive, it hurts women, and men can help to change it.
Rape culture presents women as lesser than men. According to sexual violence educator Jackson Katz, in the documentary Tough Guise – Violence Media and the Crisis in Masculinity: “Even though the crime rates in general have been coming down in recent years, the rape rate hasn’t, the sexual abuse rate hasn’t” (Tough Guise). Why this change? With the advent of the Internet, pornography is more widely available than ever before and this fact can help throw some light onto the matter. “We should also look at it [pornography] for what it tells us about masculinity…if we did we’d see that at the flipside of submissive femininity is a…

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