The Rationale Of Curriculum Design Essay

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Secondly, Jackson (1992) suggests readers to consider the fundamental question for curriculum. Whether curriculum design should emphasize children psychology development or social needs. Jackson points out that Dewy’s research focus on the psychological considerations in mind. However, Bobbit concerns with social conditional outside the school. He calls for detailed studies of those conditions to determine what needed to be taught. Additionally, the reform group views the curriculum as serving to the individual, contributing to the personal development, and a means of fostering his / her potentials. On the other side is the view of the school as an instrument of social reform. Jackson views these different points as asking a fundamental question: What schools are for? What their ultimate mission should be?
I agree that the fundamental question affects the rationale of curriculum design and how to teach in school. I more prefer the curriculum is based on social needs. For example, I art education, many scholars consider that the purpose of art education is not to foster students to be an artist in the future. However, the emphasis of art curriculum should foster students’ critical media literacy. Art subject should beyond scope of fine art and extends it to different art mediums because a lot of new mediums has appeared in recent twenty years. Therefore, more graphic design, animation, fashion design, and industrial design course are introducing in art curriculum in…

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