Essay on The Rationale And Purpose For The Group

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The Rationale and Purpose for the Group
As individuals age, the hair begins to gray (Diller, 2012). Skin begins to sag and wrinkles appear on once youthful features. It gradually becomes physically harder or even impossible to engage in the functioning of everyday life. But possibly more stressful than the physical burdens of aging is the mental and emotional toll that these changes take on one’s psychological well-being (Birren & Schaie, 2001). The reality that one will eventually loose their independence and will one-day die often creates deep anxiety which manifests itself in various ways.
But it isn’t just the elderly (60 and older) who feel the mental brunt of aging (Wethington, 2000). Individuals in their 40s and 50s must also cope with significant psychosocial stressors linked to age. During this period of one’s life, they are in the process of loosing their last bit of youth. Their children leave the nest and end up going off to college, or starting families of their own. Further, people within this age bracket start to take care of their own parents as they age as well. Even as people cope with this shifting responsibility from their children to their parents, there is likely the added stress of career, financial, and spousal obligations.
When considering the various psychosocial, physical, and cognitive stressors that affect the elderly and aging, it’s reasonable to expect a myriad of mental health resources to be available to this population (Birren & Schaie,…

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