The Rationale And Feasibility Of Licensing Parents Essay

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Parents should always want more for their child, rather than damage them mentally and financially in regards to their future. When children are around crime, welfare, and neglect, it could be their destiny. In Jack Westman’s “The Rationale and Feasibility of Licensing Parents,” he discusses the correlation between parents’ actions/choices and their child’s future in regards to being tied up in the welfare and judicial systems. He writes about parenting and the effects of their actions on their children’s future. I agree with Westman’s view on parenting effects on children.
In Westman’s article, he begins to talk about the study of socioeconomic, racial, educational, and biological factors contributing to crime and violence and how it reverts back to parenting. He believes the main source is the cycle of child abuse and neglect that results in failed parenting. He says that most children who live in poverty come from broken homes, receive welfare, were abused, or have criminal relatives don 't end up becoming habitual criminals or welfare dependant. Some children are born with brain damage due to drug or alcohol use by the parents, or inadequate prenatal care. None of the children learn from their parents the necessary skills or values for an effective education or productive employment. Westman also says that the U.S Department of Labor’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills noted that children are a “shrinking population.” He explains that unless a preventive…

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