The Rational Decision Making Model Essay

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Following individual level concepts, companies must focus on group level organizational factors to ensure successful and satisfied partner, and having that translate into the success of their company. Starbucks excels in the areas of feedback, decision-making, team development, and power in the organization, taking both traditional concepts and Starbucks specific ones to calculate the most strategic and beneficial combination of group level factors. This combination keeps Starbucks partners committed not only to the company, but also the company 's mission.

The Rational Decision Making Model is a four stage process that helps managers and employees come to the best possible solution in a given situation. The first step is to identify the problem or opportunity. According to the book, a problem occurs when there is a difference in what you want versus what is actually going on, and an opportunity occurs when there is an action that could exceed current goals (Fugate & Kinicki, 2001, p. 252-253). Stage 2, generating alternative solutions, is the first creative step in the process, because it is often a downfall to just come up with obvious solutions. In addition, the book warns of three other obstacles during this stage, “rushing to judgement, selecting readily available ideas or solutions, and making poor allocation of resources to study alternative solutions” (Fugate & Kinicki, 2001, p. 253). Stage 3, you evaluate the alternative solutions that were created in Stage 2, and…

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