The Rational Animal : How Evolution Makes Us Smarter Than We Think

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What Really Makes Us Who We Are?

Social Psychology, Supplemental Book Review:
The Rational Animal: How Evolution Makes Us Smarter Than We Think.

In this essay, I discuss the different ways that this book has altered my way of thinking, both slightly and greatly, as well as the questions or ideas that sparked in my brain while reading the book.

This book offers a new insight into the way that we may see or think about a variety of human interactions as well as the way people think of themselves. While reading the book, I was frequently confronted with questions about the way in which I do things, but more interestingly, the reasons behind my own actions, both conscious and subconscious. As humans, we are defined as ‘rational animals’, which at first glance of the book, I questioned. What does the term ‘rational animal’ really mean? The authors of this book provided a strong reasoning in answering that, in fact, we are not as rational as we think we are or may be. I found that most of the arguments presented throughout the book I agree with, as they are backed up with logic, reasoning and, to speak generally, they make sense. The first argument introduced has to do with decision-making. People, like myself, often recognize the importance of good decision-making skills as something we, as humans, need to have in order to reach here-and-now type of results or goals. Authors Kenrick and Griskevicious introduce the idea that decision-making is actually…

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