The Rate Of Vaccination Intake Essay

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The rate of vaccination intake in the Somali Community has been declining since 2006, specifically the MMR vaccine. The catalyst in the decline of vaccination intake of Somali children started a few years after Andrew Wakefield’s study in 1998 published by the Lancet, claiming a link between the MMR vaccine and Autism. The assertion has since been discredited by the medical community. This began the concern about causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and Autism. The Somali community has expressed serious concern about the MMR vaccine, fearing it might be causing the high rates of autism seen in Somali children.
A 2013 prevalence study by Amy Hewitt, a senior research associate at the University of MN does show there is a high rate of autism in Somali children. The study looked at children ages 7 through 9 and reported the following prevalence in different groups: Prevalence of Autism in Somali children was 1 in 32, White 1 in 36, Black (non-Somali) 1 in 62, Hispanic 1 in 80 [2]. The high prevalence of Autism in Somali children only fueled the community’s fear of the MMR vaccine. More importantly, the unidentified etiology of Autism made it much more difficult in convincing the Somali Community that there is no link between the MMR vaccine and Autism. According to Wolff et al, 35% of Somali parents believed MMR caused Autism [8]. However, the cause of autism is unknown, and current credible theories point to causation unrelated to vaccines; and no…

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