The Rate Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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Childhood obesity rates have been steadily increasing over the years and is an epidemic in America. “A recent study of 15 industrialized countries revealed that teens in the United States had higher rates of obesity than teens in any other country studied (Hawkins & Linvill, 2010).” Childhood obesity “is linked to a host of physiological problems such as coronary heart diseases and premature mortality (Reilly & Kelly, 2011).” Statistics such as these show a clear need for intervention. In this paper I will discuss two intervention strategies that I think will decrease the prevalence of childhood obesity. Steps need to be taken to educate parents on correct nutrition to better their children’s health to prevent obesity. While parents are a factor in childhood obesity, they are not the only factor at play. Schools also need to take action by educating their teachers as they are a large part of each child’s life. Healthy lifestyle is something that needs to be taught to children by both parties.

Intervention Strategy 1: Parent-based

My first intervention to decrease childhood obesity is educate parents on the negative effects from childhood obesity, as well as the positive effects that healthy eating and exercise can provide. A study done by Yavuz, Ijzendoorn, Mesman, and Veek (2015) came up with three different categories to target parents in the intervention process. The categories include the following: “(a) general parenting skills/behaviors, (b) diet/nutrition related…

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