The Rate Of Caesarean Sections Essay

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The rates of caesarean sections have been increasing dramatically around the world in the past twenty years. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers between 10-15% to be the ideal rate of caesarean deliveries in any region and anything over to be unreasonable. Mossialos, Allin, Karras and Davaki’s (2005) state that, “Caesarean sections make up a high proportion of total deliveries in Brazil (36%), Mexico (30%), Italy (31%), the USA (23%) and the UK (19%), with rates in most countries ranging between 15 and 25%” (p. 288). This global increase has signified a serious cause for concern within these countries. This concern is due to the procedure causing higher economic costs and health-related risks to both the mother and newborn, but what is causing this global increase? Has there been an increase in high risk pregnancies, are more hospitals encouraging physicians to perform C-Sections for financial incentives or are physicians influencing women to have these procedures for their own convenience? Many studies have been done to research what might be contributing factors to the increase in caesarean deliveries. These include studies conducted in the United States, Sweden, Greece, Jordan and Pakistan. Currently, the primary cause of this alarming increase is the result of health care transgressions including: health care policies, convenience of physician and type of hospital. There are also non-medical factors like a mother’s socioeconomic characteristics such as age,…

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