Essay on The Rapid Growth Of Internet Technologies

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The rapid growth of Internet technologies has resulted in an increase in online user’s content creation. User generated information usually represents people’s opinions, thoughts, reviews and sentiments. Automatic detection and analysis of opinions around products, brands, political issues, etc. is a challenging task. Opinions are expressed in different ways in different domains. Constructing and labeling corpus for every domain is a costly affair. Words from source and target domains are not always similar; hence classifier trained with one domain to another domain leads into poor performance. Therefore the need of domain adaptation algorithms arises to reduce domain dependency and labeling cost. The proposed semi supervised approach classifies opinion words using adapted maximum entropy and assigns weight using point wise mutual information. Further classified words are clustered using bipartite graph clustering approach. Results show that proposed approach performs moderately well compare to baseline method.

Nowadays, opinion mining also known as sentiment analysis is very popular area for research as easily accessibility of reviews. Opinion mining is used to determine the polarity of a text such as positive, negative or neutral .Opinion represents the individual’s ideas, judgments, assessments, viewpoint about the object, topic or person.
Transfer learning is nothing but applying previously learned knowledge to solve new problems faster or with better…

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