The Rape Of Nanking By Iris Chang Essay

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The Rape of Nanking is a best selling book published in 1997 written by Iris Chang. The story follows the events that took place for six weeks starting on the 13th of December, 1937 through January 1938 within Nanking, China; the capital at the time. The occupation of Nanking lead by the Japanese resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Chinese children, women, men and elderly alike. There was no discrimination in the eyes of the young and obedient Japanese soldiers, their mission was to take and hold Nanking. It seemed that whatever they wanted to do was to be met with no consequence. Reading Chang’s book was one of the first time in my life that I was introduced the unjust executions of so many that took place within those six weeks on China’s soil. The text itself along with the correlating film was enough to leave me speechless and for Chang the idea that so much of the western world remained ignorant to the events that took place drove her to action. Iris Chang had a personal interest in the occupation of Nanking for a few reasons; one being that her grandparents have been said to have fled Nanking not long before Japan’s occupation took place. Had it not been for their decision to flee and raise a family in what eventually was the United States, this text may have never came to fruition. The second reason being the fact that the occupation of Nanking was “swept under the rug” in a sense; meaning that it was sort of buried in history and a large…

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