The Rape Of Men Have Been Dismissed As Irrelevant Essay

702 Words Mar 28th, 2016 3 Pages
There are endless examples of when the rape of men have been dismissed as unimportant and the possible after effects of the victims have been deemed irrelevant, to instead focus on details that should be considered rather insignificant of a rape. In the past two decades, there have been many instances where an attractive female teacher would engage in sexual activity with her student (s). These stories are usually become very popular with news stations and media outlets because of how “smoking hot” the teacher may be. The story becomes more of a joke than something that should be taken seriously. “[Early in 2015], news broke of an eleven year old who was raped…and the most shocking part of the story was that the twenty-one year old [female] perpetrator was sentenced to absolutely no prison time […] So how could something so egregious not result in deserved punishment?” (Kasparian) Most times when stories like these become public, assumptions are made that he “wanted it”, completely dismissing the fact that he was underage. If the circumstances were reversed and the perpetrator was a male teacher who had sexual relations with a female student assumptions are different, the teacher is “a disgusting pig” and “should be put in prison for life”.
“The National Crime Victimization Survey questioned forty thousand U.S. household and revealed that thirty-eight percent of rapes and sexual violence committed were against men […] UCLA researcher Lara Stemple confirmed the data in her…

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