The Range Of Emotions In Schindler's List By Thomas Keneally

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I read the book Schindler’s List by Thomas Keneally. Schindler’s List is an outstanding book that expresses many different emotions and feelings. This book expressed a various range of sad and happy emotions that contributed to the plot of the book. Schindler’s List is a story about a man named Oskar Schindler, who moved to Krakow, Poland, amid World War II, to pursue his dream as being a German entrepreneur. Oskar is a factory owner who happens to make a deal with the commander of the Paszów labor camp, Amon Goeth to have 1,100 Jews help work in Schindler’s factory basically as slaves. In the beginning of the story, Oskar sees the Jews as a way to enforce cheap labor so he loves it. I think this is extremely rude of Oskar to perceive Jews as slaves/ cheap labor. Oskar at this point of the story is only thinking about himself, and not thinking about what the Jews are going through. Schindler over time, becomes immensely connected with the Jews and started to really care about them, even though the factory was not producing much usable resources. Oskar eventually became emotionally attached to the Jews and would do anything to protect them from the Nazi’s or anyone. In fact, Oskar became so protective of the Jews he redirected a train that was going to Auschwitz by successfully bribing officials. Financial consequences did come with helping the Jews. After giving most of his money into helping the Jews and creating his own camp to try and help save the Jews, Oskar

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