The Ramifications Of Warfare On The Environment Essay

1500 Words Dec 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Rutgers University

The Ramifications of Warfare on the Environment

Cherry Jiang
Biology, Society, and Ecological Issues
Professor John Pescatore
11 December 2016

John F. Kennedy once said, “ Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” Ever since the beginning of time when living organisms came to existence, war has existed. Especially for animals such as the humans, warfare is used constantly as a way to settle disputes. Shockingly, “according to the Institute for Economics and Peace, only 11 countries in the world are not involved in any conflict – despite this being “the most peaceful century in human history”(Mathiesen). When thinking of war, one usually thinks of all the lives that are lost in the process. But sometimes people forget that war not only causes many casualties, but also inflicts a huge amount, and sometimes almost irreversible damage on the environment that affects not only the generations now, but many more to come since its effects can be everlasting. Therefore, wars, focusing on the Congo War II, War in Afghanistan, as well as Vietnam War, it is conclusive that war is a widely used method, especially humans to settle issues but the chemicals, nuclear bombs, and other forms of weaponry have a devastating and potentially long lasting, effects on the environment as shown through these examples. During war, opposing sides obviously intentionally causes damage to the structures such as factories, farms,…

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