Essay on The, Rainer Marie Rilke, One Of The German Language

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“Let life happen to you. Believe me: life is in the right, always,” states Rainer Marie Rilke, one of the German language’s greatest twentieth century poets. Rilke was born in 1875 as an only child. His childhood was rather unpleasant; his parents placed him in a military school, hoping that he would become an officer, something unlikely to occur. Rilke’s uncle recognized that he was a highly gifted individual and had Rilke enrolled into a German preparatory school. In 1895 when Rilke enrolled in Charles University in Prague, he decided to pursue a literary career. In 1897, Rilke went to Russia, and in Worpswede (Rilke lived here for some time), he married Clara Westhoff. Rilke also resided in Paris for 12 years. Throughout the rest of his lifetime, he would continue to travel, however, Paris would be the geographic center of his life, where he initially began to experiment with new styles of poetry. Rilke wrote “The Book of Hours” between 1899 and 1903. In “The Book of Hours”, each piece of poetry portrays a religious theme. In one poem, Du Ewiger, du hast dich mir gezeigt, the theme of religion is intertwined with nature as a powerful force.
Mary Shelley was born in 1797 in the United Kingdom. Similar to Rilke, Mary Shelley also was strongly influenced by nature. In her novel, “Frankenstein”, a prevalent theme was the idea of nature being in control of one’s fate. The Romantic Era greatly impacted Shelley 's view of nature. Romantics viewed nature as a beauty and a truth…

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