The Railroads First Established, It Effected The National Sense Of Time

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Back to when the railroads first established, it effected the national sense of time. Many people disliked the idea of trusting of a company, and later on being the government. There was tremundous amount of citizens who were not in favor of this system, but it became a life changing factor in our world today. Since the railroads were being constructed, which allowed a fast and resourceful way to travel great distances, the operation "required the standardization of time in zones." To begin with, citizens were not fond of the topic "time" due to many reasonings. One being that the citizens didn 't have a consent on the subject and it angered most of them. Before the Standard Time Act, people used a well-known clock that measured time by the position of the sun, for example a church steeple. "Let us keep our own noon!" The quote stated, also a known book created by David Horvitz, is protesting against the standardization of time. The protest and arguements were ongoing about how they wanted to keep it the same and have no change in their society. Furthermore, others argued about not having a consent toward the decision of standard time, which also delayed the embracement and importance of having standard time. “Can you tell me, if anyone has the authority and right to change the city time without the consent of the people, and what benefit Louisville can derive from it?” The person who was quoted clearly states that it isn 't right to change the city time and it won 't…

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