The Rage Of Two By Homer Essay

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The Rage of Two Homer begins one of his most notable epics, The Illiad, with the word “rage” a word that properly describes one of history’s most memorable heroes: Achilles. Another character whose rage is notable is the King Agamemnon, an enemy of Achilles although they fight on the same side of the war. The first interaction between Achilles and Agamemnon at the beginning of the epic truly sets up the rest of the tale, giving the reader a glimpse of the infamous rage that is to come.
As a major character of The Illiad, much of what Achilles says and does impacts the path the tale takes, along with actions of other characters. Since Achilles’ rage is such a vital part of his character, his heroic flaw, the reader can infer that it will be a major theme in the epic. Achilles is not the only character with unchecked rage, but his rage lasts and is revisited throughout the epic. His rage is first visited in the beginning, when Agamemnon and Achilles had a verbal fight. Achilles is furious that Agamemnon is demanding another prize, even though all of the prizes had already been divided up amongst the men, and even goes as far as to call the king a “greedy glory-hound” (line 131). Achilles, as a warrior, has a lot of pride and for his superior officer not to fight along with him and the other soldiers seems cowardice to him. It does not help that Agamemnon feels slighted and that he deserves another prize.
Another reason for Achilles and Agamemnon’s feud was Agamemnon’s need…

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